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HBA Hair Colour Policy

At HBA we follow a strict policy on colouring hair. As a salon we follow manufactures instructions at all times.
All hair colouring products state you must have a skin test 24-48 hours prior to any colouring service, due to a high increase in skin sensitivity and reactions, depending on the severity of some clients reactions. As a salon it is our responsibility that every rule and regulation is followed for us to maintain a high quality service.

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CuttingArtistic DirectorSenior StylistGraduate Stylist
Just a Trim£15.00£13.00£11.00
Wash & Cut£20.00£18.00£16.00
Cut & Finish Short£34.00£32.00£28.00
Cut & Finish Long£37.00£35.00£31.00
Gents Trim£10.00£8.00£7.00
Gents Wash & Cut£13.00£11.00£10.00
Child's Cut£8.00£7.00£5.00
Total RestylePrice on Consultation
Wash & Blow Dry Short£15.00£13.00£11.00
Wash & Blow Dry Long£18.00£16.00£14.00
ColouringArtistic TechnicianSenior TechnicianTechnician
Just Roots - regrowth£27.00£25.00£23.00
Cover All..Inoa and platinum colour extra£33.00£31.00£29.00
Natural Glossing£30.00£28.00£27.00
INOA re-growth (ammonia free colour)£29.00£27.00£25.00
Full Lights (full head foils)£57.00£54.00£51.00
Sun Kissed (half head foils)£42.00£39.00£36.00
Colour & Glossing between foils£20.00 - £25.00(depending on thickness and length of hair)
Toner£15.00 - £25.00
Fashion TechniquesPrice on Consultation
Help get rid of (colour change)Price on Consultation
excludes cut & finish
StylingArtistic DirectorSenior StylistGraduate Stylist
Make Me Glam Curlsfrom £25.00 -£35.00
Up DoPrice on Consultation
Bride to bePrice on Consultation
Permanent WavingArtistic TechnicianSenior TechnicianTechnician
Partial Head£28.00£25.00£22.00
Full Head£38.00£35.00£32.00
Excludes cut & finish

Our price structure at HBA reflects the education level and experience of the stylist.